Avolad Weighbridges

What is it?What is it?

Avolad weighbridge has a fully welded drive-through steel structure, designed to withstand very high concentrated loads and continual use.

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Weighbridge Accessories

What is for?What is for?

Avolad offer a wide range of weighbridge peripheral equipment, designed to provide complete weighbridge and vehicle management systems

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Weight indicators & terminals

Why use it?Why use it?

We design and build all our weighbridge weight indicators and instrumentation.

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AVOLAD NIG.LTD is an indigenous limited liability company Established in 1998 under the register companies
and allied matters act of 1990. To engage in all engineering works and general contractors.

The company is managed by professionals of diverse background who are capable to provide all
other related services in conjunction with other members of the engineering field.


Our comprehensive range of products for the Weighing Machines,Scales, Weighbridges and Heavy Duty Weighing Machines

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Details of Services

Weighing Equipment & Services - Accuracy in weighing, we provide sales, service, maintenance and calibration for different type of weighing machines.


Calibration Trucks, Standard Test Weighing (Various Sizes) ,6 x Cars ,2 x Delivery Vehicles ,Engineering Tools Box

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West Africa,

World Class weighing Equipment CO.
of the year 2013

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Where we are?

Avolad House,
Block 24B, Plot 2 Opposite Texaco Filling Station,
Festac Access Road, Amuwo - Odofin, Lagos Nigeria
Tel.: 234-803 331 7260, 0807 448 0916

Email: info@weighbridges.com.ng